Composite Fillings

A bright shining smile is a thing of beauty. When tooth decay attacks and mars the beauty of your smile, it can cause you to feel embarrassed or anxious. Now when you smile, you begin to wonder if anyone is noticing the dark spots in your teeth. Composite fillings have the look and feel of your natural teeth. They are a cosmetic dental treatment used to repair the blemish left by decay and restore your teeth back to their natural beauty. Composite fillings are also used to mend chipped and cracked teeth depending on the extent of the damage.

Cavities in molars – your back teeth – are often filled with amalgam. This is a mixture of metals including silver. Amalgam fillings have been used for decades because of their strength and durability. Advanced dental technology has been able to manufacture composite fillings that nearly match the strength of amalgam. They are now used to fill cavities in molars in some cases. This means that you can get your cavities filled and still have a bright and shining smile without the glare of metal in your mouth.

What Is a Composite Resin?

Glass or ceramic are combined with a plastic filling material to create composite resins. These filling materials can be used in other procedures as well. They are most commonly used to fill the cavities in anterior teeth and teeth visible when you smile. They are also used to repair chipped or cracked teeth if the damage is not too extensive. Sometimes they are used on teeth that are badly discolored or those that are misshapen.

The color of the composite is mixed to match the color of your own teeth making repairs virtually invisible. There are several types of composites and the extent of the repair often determines which type will be used. Some are bonded to the tooth with a special liquid bonding agent. There is also a type that requires the use of a special light to harden the material. When this composite is used in large fillings it is placed in layers with the light applied with each layer so the filling will be strong.

Chips, cracks, discoloration and even decay do not need to hamper your ability to smile with confidence. Contact Frederick Dental today to schedule a consultation. Composite fillings will give you a beautiful smile while restoring your teeth back to a healthy state.