Dental Bridges

Windows are for buildings and cars, not smiles. When you have missing teeth the "windows" that show up in your smile are actually causing a lot more trouble than just making your smile less than appealing. Neighboring teeth begin to shift out of place when a tooth is missing. The gaping holes can also make eating a problem causing you to change your diet to foods that may be easier to chew, but less nutritious. All of this has an effect on your overall health without cosmetic dentistry.

Dental bridges solve the problems that missing teeth leave behind. Made out of ceramic or porcelain fused to metal, dental bridges restore your smile and they keep other teeth from moving out of alignment. They also provide the surface area you need for chewing your food properly.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge

Besides the aesthetic reasons for dental bridges, there are oral health issues that bridges address. When teeth move out of alignment they can form areas where food is more easily trapped. These areas become more susceptible to dental cavities and gingivitis. If not addressed the situation just deteriorates over time and soon you will find that your oral health has been compromised along with your overall wellbeing. Depending on the size of the area, chewing your food to maximize nutrient uptake may be more difficult so your body is not getting full use of the food you are consuming.

A dental bridge protects the teeth on either side of the space from moving out of place. It also keeps the opposing teeth from shifting up or down so your bite will not be thrown off and those teeth will not become more vulnerable to decay due to root exposure. Dental bridges resemble your natural teeth. Unlike partial dentures which are removable, a bridge is a permanently fixed device, giving you a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

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