Having a full set of teeth is very important for your general health. Your overall well-being rests upon the condition of your oral health. Missing teeth can compromise your health in small ways that can add up to major problems over time. Aesthetically speaking, missing teeth make you look older than your years without restorative dentistry. Your smile may not be all that it could be and your facial muscles do not have the support they need. Even one missing tooth can give part of your face a sunken in look.

When teeth are missing, you have less tooth surface for chewing foods properly. This can affect your nutrition and digestion. Along with that, neighboring teeth begin to move into the empty space, twisting and turning in awkward positions throwing your bite off as more teeth move out of alignment. People who are missing all their teeth are most likely not eating the foods they need for the best nutrition, their facial muscles have no support and according to research, they also have a higher incidence of chronic kidney problems. Dentures are removable prosthetics that can really make a difference in your appearance and your health.

Full & Complete Dentures

When all the teeth in your mouth are missing, you are a good candidate for full and complete dentures. This means that all the teeth on both the upper and lower jaws are restored with the prosthetics. If all the teeth on either upper or lower jaws are missing, you would need a full denture for that jaw. Dentures are made with acrylic and are crafted to look like your natural teeth and match your gums. When made correctly, they fit snug and are comfortable to wear. As you get used to wearing them, sore spots may appear. This is normal. After a few adjustments your dentures should feel fine and comfortable to wear.

Partial Dentures

When just a few teeth are missing, partial dentures are generally recommended. These prosthetics fill in the space left by the missing teeth with natural looking teeth. They prevent neighboring teeth from shifting out of place. They also provide chewing surface lost by the missing teeth. Partial dentures are also removable allowing you to maintain good oral hygiene.

If you have missing teeth, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Frederick will be happy to talk to you about your options and explain the process necessary to acquire dentures. Get your mouth back in good working order and restore your smile.