Emergency Dentist

There are times when you need a dentist right away. Hospital emergency rooms are not necessarily going to be able to address your problem in the manner in which it needs to be addressed. They are seldom equipped to handle true dental emergencies. At Frederick Dental, we have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to handle all your dental emergencies and general dentistry needs.

Some situations require immediate attention, for example trauma to a tooth caused by a fall or sudden impact. Your local hospital may be able to stitch up a split lip, however, saving a tooth that's been knocked out or loosened is a different story. If properly handled during transport and depending on the trauma site and condition of the tooth, a tooth that has been knocked out may still be salvageable, especially in younger patients. It is critical to handle the tooth only by the crown and transport it carefully.

Other emergencies may not be quite so dramatic, yet they can be painful, such as when you have an infected tooth. In this case the main priority is to mitigate the pain. Oftentimes with an abscessed tooth, pain management and infection control need to be addressed before anything else can be done.

Then there are the urgent but not painful emergencies. Breaking your denture is an example. A dislodged crown is another. Some of these types of emergencies require that Dr. Frederick examine you the same day and others can wait a day or two. When you call the office and explain your situation you will be advised on what to do.

Any emergency situation can be upsetting. We have compassion for the weekend warrior who comes in with a knocked out tooth and for the person whose broken dentures are causing embarrassment. At Frederick Dental, you can relax knowing that we are there to help ease your pain, make you comfortable and get you back in good shape as soon as possible. If you have a dental emergency, contact our office right away.