Patient Education

We feel that patient education is our most important task at Frederick Dental.  The word “Doctor” derives from the Latin “docere,” which means “To Teach”, and it is only through teaching our patients about the health of their mouths that we can be effective.  

Our goal is to work with each patient individually to guide them in their treatment choices so that they understand why we are recommending particular procedures, what risks are involved if treatment is postponed, and how each patient can help maintain their oral health through their own care and hygiene habits.  

Though we consider ourselves teachers, our aim is not to lecture, but instead to inform and act as a "Dental Coach" to help support our patients in achieving their individual health and aesthetic goals.  Our practice utilizes industry leading digital imaging systems that allow us to easily and clearly explain our findings and diagnosis to patients so that they can make their own treatment decisions from our recommendations.  

As a practitioner, by focusing on education, we enable our patients to take control of their health for which they are ultimately responsible.  We are here to help and encourage, not judge or disparage.  Whether you have been a regular patient every 6 months or it has been decades since an exam, we are here to gently guide you towards your path of ultimate health.  

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