Teeth Whitening

It does not always take a lot to improve on your appearance. If you have dull, stained teeth, you may be surprised at the difference teeth whitening will have on the way you look. It is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure but the results can be the difference between night and day. You can look years younger while your teeth become shades whiter.

Stains build up over time causing your teeth to darken. Common culprits for staining include coffee, tea, dark juices and wine. If you are an avid berry eater, chances are your teeth are darker than they need to be. Dark foods, beverages, and even spices can cause teeth to darken when consumed on a regular basis. Most of these foods are probably good for you so the answer is not to consume only light colored foods and beverages. The answer is to get your teeth professionally whitened.

You can still enjoy your coffee, tea, berries and other foods and beverages but with professional whitening agents you will have a brighter whiter smile to show. Whiter teeth can actually fade years from your appearance. You will smile with more confidence than ever with brighter teeth.

Professional vs. Home Treatment

There are plenty of whitening products you can use at home. Some of them are actually very good. However, only professional whitening can give you the measure of confidence and safety that you want. With professional whitening agents applied by skilled dental staff you know that your teeth will come out looking great and that you will not have any worries about damage to your teeth.

If your teeth are not as white as they could be or if you know you consume a lot of dark foods and beverages and you would like to see what whiter teeth would look like, contact Frederick Dental today. We want our patients to look and feel their best where their teeth are concerned. We will be happy to help you get your smile to its brightest shade of white.