Tooth Extractions

Our teeth were designed to be with us throughout our lifetime. However, things happen. Through accidents, illness, decay or disease, some of us end up with teeth that need to be extracted. The thought of having a tooth pulled can create a lot of anxiety. At Frederick Dental, we understand the angst that is associated with removal of teeth. In our office, you will feel calm and relaxed while Dr. Frederick examines your particular situation and completes the procedure. Being under the care of a skilled and compassionate staff can make all the difference when undergoing this general dental procedure. Knowing that you are in a clean and safe environment also helps.

In most cases, extractions are routine procedures. Teeth have anywhere from one to three roots depending on where they are positioned in your mouth. Your front teeth have one root and after your cuspid or eye teeth, there are two or more roots. Extraction of anterior teeth is generally an easy process. Back teeth or molars can take a little more effort depending on the root structure. Broken or impacted teeth may be more challenging to remove.

Regardless of the effort required to remove the tooth, Dr. Frederick and his staff are mindful of your comfort during the process. For some people having a tooth extracted can be overwhelming, particularly if it affects the appearance of your smile. This is always a measure of last resort and remember, there are ways to fill in the space left by the extraction. Dr. Frederick will be glad to explain all your options to you.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last four teeth to erupt in a person's mouth are the wisdom teeth. They usually make their appearance in the late teen years or early twenties. Occasionally the wisdom teeth will grow in without any problems. Oftentimes these teeth will come in crooked or grow in under a neighboring tooth. You may have heard people talk about their wisdom teeth being impacted. That means those teeth are growing in at an angle and pushing against the neighboring teeth. Through examination and x-rays, Dr. Frederick can determine when and if your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Your comfort during an extraction procedure is important here at Frederick Dental. Rest assured that the gentle touch of our comfort care dentistry will make your experience as anxiety-free and as simple as possible. Contact Frederick Dental today to have your wisdom teeth removed or a single tooth removed due to trauma or decay.